Leighton Meester- Heartstrings

It’s been a long time since I’ve wanted to write about this particular artist. We all  (or at least most of us) know Leighton Meester for her role in the series  “Gossip Girl” or for her music collaborations with Cobra Starship and Robin Thick; which quite honestly felt a little bit imposed by her record label, I mean you can see a bit of uncomfortableness in the music videos. (just saying)

Anyway…after a long time she finally released her debut album “Heartstring” (2014) and let me tell you that it’s such a pleasant surprise. This album has 9 tracks that will remind you of an old American folk sound. The instruments were recorded live in the studio making the atmosphere along with Leighton’s voice much more private, vulnerable and inviting.

The melodies are very well constructed and the album in general has a great rhythm and coherence making you feel that you’ve been listening to a full story rather than individual pieces.

Leighton’s vocals do a great job in this record since they’re not only inviting but they’re also strong and have a great potential which makes the atmosphere even more believable, let’s say that for moments you just lose yourself to this album, not only for the folk vibe but from time time it’s also because of this dreamy vibe it projects.

“Heartstrings” is really an album you should really give a chance.


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