Long time no see…!

Anyways, I’ve been hearing a lot of this band on social media, so I decided to listen to their first “official” single and the band in general…

The band’s name is Bohemians and it is a band from Manorville, New York and there’s actually not that much information about it as such, but what we can find online is some of their  work thanks their official youtube channel, which you can find here.

What I can tell you is that Bohemians came together in 2012 by Luke Lotardo – Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards Eric Milton – Keyboards, Guitar Eric Pubins – Drums/Percussion and Perry Ladouceur – Bass.

After releasing their self-titled EP which consisted on  four tracks previously  recorded in the Baltimore sessions, their fan base begin to increase as well as the attention from several venues; after that, Bohemians became more present in terms of public appearances and began working on their debut full length LP.

The sound can be describe with two major bands mashed up into one…Two Door Cinema Club and The Cure. Wait…The Cure!?? Yes, there is something about their melody that despite the upbeat melody, you can sense some kind off darkness within the sound…it may not be that obvios but it’s really there and it’s more evident for example in “Hints”. This structure is quite subtle but you can actually sense it and hear it.

The way this band makes the sounds and the emotions it’s what makes Bohemians cause so much fuzz within in their fans, a very well constructed sound and humbleness.

You can see the official video for “Hints” just down here…



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