Cyberbully Mom Club

For starters, it’s only fair to say that while I type this entry a sense of melancholy is taking over my body…why? As I listen once more to the next band I’m going to introduce, that feeling invades my body once more.

Do you remember the Moldy Peaches or  even, let’s say Infinity Crush? … Well, that’s the vibe we get from Cyberbully Mom Club a duo from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania a very simple and organic folk sound.

As far as the lyrics in the songs, you feel as you keep listening to them, that you’re actually listening to an old friend just telling you about her/his life; that’s one of the reasons why the music from Cyberbully Mom Club is so naive, due to the “pureness” and “innocence” of its content, which translates into a very honest and rough structure.

Cyberbully Mom Club has 5 EP’s which you can hear and purchase on its bandcamp profile which you can check out here.

The evolution of the music is very consistent and you can actually hear additions to its melodies like the usage of more guitars and drums as a part of the melody structure.

As time passes by and you keep on listening more deeply to Cyberbully Mom Club you start to feel attached to them. The reason for that, may prove once more how organic the music is, you have a bunch of emotions which are very relatable to in a very well though melody. Therefore, your connection with the songs is very easy because it’s not force, you just go along with them.

Cyberbully Mom Club is definitely  a band to watch and to appreciate and thank for the honesty behind their sound.


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