Glen Check

Glen Check is an indie band from South Korea with Kim June-One in vocals and guitar and , Hyuk-Jun Kang bass and synths. They had their debut on 2011 with their EP Disco Elevator followed by their first album Haute Couture in 2012.

With their sound well constructed and based on electro beats (which for moments resemblance an old school sound), and well balanced guitar riffs, Glen Check is a promising band within the Korean indie scene which keeps getting stronger.

During the time Glen Check debuted until now, the  local press (Korean) has given them nothing but positive reviews and also they are gaining the attention from international media, the clearest example for this is the participation they had at SXSW earlier this year.

It’s album Youth! which was released last year (2013) is the perfect example for how well thought their sound is. The single “Youth Generation” is the perfect song to describe what Glen Check is all about: pure electro beats and guitar that go along with them.


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