From The Airport

From The Airport is a South Korean duo formed by Milo (guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizers, producing) and Zee (DJ, vocals, synthesizers, drums, producing). They met in 2012 in a friend’s studio but at that time they were both working with projects of their own.

But, because of their similar taste in music they decided to start an new project as a duo which eventually became “From The Airport” and at the same time would “gave birth” to their first song Colors which was not only acclaimed in South Korea but also worldwide they started gaining recognition inside the indie community.

The sound FTA has to offer is a very happy and danceable sound, no wonder why the sound you listen consists in electro beats mixed with energizing synth- pop melodies which gives you some cheerful environment while listen to its tracks.

From The Airport signed with Fluxus Music in June 2013, a  well known label inside the indie scene in Korea. And under that label From The Airport released their first EP “Chemical Love”. (February 2014)


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