Francisco The Man

Francisco The Man is a LA foursome band formed by Scotty Cantino (guitar/vocals), Nestor Romero (bass) and Abdeel Ortega (drums). Francisco The Man has been around the music scene for quite a while and, it has been working with the record label Small Plates which will be releasing Francisco The Man’s debut album Loose Ends on September 30.

The sound this band has is very organic in a way, but its production it’s very well done which it may fool you for a second, but as you keep on hearing the songs you can actually notice how pure the sound is.

I dare to say that it has some major shoegaze influence (from time to time you can hear some kind of similarity to The Pains of Being Pure At Heart) but it definitely throws some synth pop in the composition of the melody which makes a very balance and catchy “pop” song at the end.

“Progress” is the first single from Francisco The Man’s debut album titled Loose Ends which can explain better what I’m trying to say here, so for me Francisco The Man’s hard work has paid off with this debut album.


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