Cyberbully Mom Club

For starters, it’s only fair to say that while I type this entry a sense of melancholy is taking over my body…why? As I listen once more to the next band I’m going to introduce, that feeling invades my body once more. Do you remember the Moldy Peaches or  even, let’s say Infinity Crush? … … More Cyberbully Mom Club

Glen Check

Glen Check is an indie band from South Korea with Kim June-One in vocals and guitar and , Hyuk-Jun Kang bass and synths. They had their debut on 2011 with their EP Disco Elevator followed by their first album Haute Couture in 2012. With their sound well constructed and based on electro beats (which for moments … More Glen Check

Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing

Foo Fighters released its new music video for the first single “Something From Nothing” of their new album Sonic Highways (8th album for the band) which will be available starting November 10th. This single was debuted live for the first time during Foo Fighters “one week residence” at the Late Show with David Letterman. With “Something From Nothing”, we … More Foo Fighters – Something From Nothing


Coronel is a Mexican duo form by the Sáenz brother (Juan and Iván) which had a previous project under the name of  La Musique Pop. Until now it has 1 EP named as the band Coronel (2011) and a full length album titled Doble Diablo (2014) which had 300 thousand plays within the first 6 months. Coronel … More Coronel

From The Airport

From The Airport is a South Korean duo formed by Milo (guitar, bass, vocals, synthesizers, producing) and Zee (DJ, vocals, synthesizers, drums, producing). They met in 2012 in a friend’s studio but at that time they were both working with projects of their own. But, because of their similar taste in music they decided to start … More From The Airport

The XX

When you start to feel the cold breezes of fall there’s nothing better than just laying down while enjoying of The XX. Band form in the UK in 2005 and which has been known for its dark and melancholic side within music. The next video recorded in Tokyo, Japan, it’s one of the most earnest … More The XX